[Lentil phase food]_phase food_type

[Lentil phase food]_phase food_type

If a bowl of cyan lentils suddenly appears on the table with big fish and meat, I believe they will be looted.

As a very delicious vegetable, lentils have a very obvious nutritional effect on the human body.

For example, lentils contain a lot of trace elements, which can effectively supplement the human body with nutrients.

And lentils can also play a role in dehumidifying and degassing the human body, but what kind of food can lentils not eat with?

Lentils cannot be eaten with anything. 1, Lentils cannot be eaten with cabbage. Lentils cannot be eaten with cabbage. The two are two kinds of ingredients that have the same weight, because lentils have many trace elements. They encounterAfter the oxalic acid in cabbage, a large amount of calcium oxalate will be produced. This substance will not be absorbed by the human body, it will form stones in the human body, which is extremely bad for your health.

2, lentils can not be eaten with lentil. Although there are not many foods, lentils are not edible when they are not fully cooked, because lentils themselves have some toxicity. If they are unfamiliar, they will appear later.The most common symptoms of food poisoning are nausea and vomiting. In severe cases, limb twitching will occur.

3. What is the good effect of lentils? After telling you what lentils cannot be eaten with, I will tell you what lentils are best to eat with. Like the red dates and regular rice that are common in life, they are especially suitable for eating with lentils.Special ingredients, lentils, when consumed with them, can make lungs and cough, relieve heat and dampen important functions, and have a good therapeutic effect on people often have cough and heat stroke symptoms.