[How to make crispy corn]_Recommended diet

[How to make crispy corn]_Recommended diet

As a new snack, crispy corn is now welcomed and loved by many friends, but it looks crispy and delicious on the outside, and corn has rich nutritional value. Compared to cooking corn directly, making crispy corn is more delicious.Taste.

Next, I will introduce the specific method of crispy corn, you can try making it at home.

First, choose corn.

In fact, corn is divided into many types. You can choose according to your own taste. You need to see whether the surface of the corn kernels is tender. Do not choose corn with a dry surface.

Peel the corn, remove the corn shavings, and clean it several times before using.

Then, prepare the corn.

Cook the corn in water and remove it after cooking.

Drain the corn, sprinkle the prepared corn starch evenly on the corn, beat the eggs in a clean container, stir it and dip it on the corn. Of course, you can also use the bread bran instead of corn starch, according to your tasteJust decide.

Finally, fried corn.

The processed corn is fried in a hot oil pan, fried into two sides golden, and immediately drained and drained of oil, you can choose according to your taste, sprinkle a little Orleans flour, or you can squeeze tomato sauce, can also put cheeseCrush it into the oven and wait for it to melt out before taking it out.

Eating hot is more fragrant and crunchy, but be careful of being hot.

The above is about the crispy corn method. According to the above method, I believe you will be able to make delicious crispy corn.

And make it clean and hygienic at home, you can not only ensure the freshness of the ingredients, but also easy to eat.

However, because it is fried food, it should be eaten less, not overdose, so as not to cause body fat or other diseases.